EIRC was founded in 1967 and is a public agency with a Local Education Agency (LEA) status.  The LEA status positions the EIRC to be eligible for additional grants working with public school districts and/or higher education institutions, as well as developing inter-local agency agreements with public and governmental entities.  In addition, EIRC has a 501(c)(3) educational foundation status.  This foundation will hold the charter for the Science and Technology Education Center.  The Board of Directors reflects the blending of the corporate world and the education world.


The EIRC Foundation mission is to enhance the educational, social and emotional needs of youth by assisting schools through partnerships with other organizations, resource sharing and grant seeking activities for programming, professional development and innovative ventures.

The International Center for Assault Prevention, known as ICAP, is a 30 year old international prevention program with its central headquarters located at the Educational Information & Resource Center in Blackwood, New Jersey.  ICAP works with local people who desire to advocate
and protect children by starting a CAP project in their town.  Individuals or agencies contact ICAP to arrange project setup trainings.

Since its inception in 1978, ICAP has trained over 7 million children, parents and teachers to prevent peer assault, stranger abduction and known adult assault. CAP seeks to integrate the best resources of a community in an effort to reduce a child or young person’s vulnerability to verbal, physical and sexual assault. CAP projects work closely with the local school districts, parent/teacher associations and home school groups, and other community groups. All CAP curricula have a threefold educational approach to prevention which includes trainings in the following areas: Staff In service, Parent Program and Individual Classroom Workshops for children and teens. Workshops are provided for children, parents and teachers at all grade levels through adult.

Making Visions Possible at Willingboro High School- and Building Brighter Futures at Penns Grove High School- School Based Youth Services Programs– State of New Jersey, Department of Children and Families

The New Jersey School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) was initiated by the New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) in 1987 to help young people navigate the adolescent years, finish their education, obtain skills leading to employment, and graduate healthy and drug-free. The SBYSP is a joint collaborative between the school districts, Center for Family Guidance, EIRC and their communities.

Your donor dollars help provide:

  • Employment Services
  • Mental and Physical Health Support
  • Social skills building
  • Youth Recreational and Cultural Programs

Pascale Sykes Foundation Partnerships

The Pascale Sykes Foundation Building Strong Families Initiative was designed to “promote the integrity, independence and well-being of the inter-generational family unit.”

The South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative Provides:

  • An opportunity to mobilize the community in support of children and families
  • A public-private partnership to gather needed resources
  • An opportunity to track behavioral outcomes of families in programs with embedded value
  • A commitment to a long-term sustained effort
  • An opportunity to expand services and programs towards mutual goals

EIRC is a partner in the Heart of South Jersey, a resource central for families in the County.  We are also the lead agency for the Child Connection Center, serving families in select school districts to provide child well-being, healthy relationships and help families on the road to financial stability.