Educational Information & Resource Center Staff Email/Phone Directory

The main phone number for EIRC is 856-582-7000.
The main fax number for EIRC is 856-582-4206

Location addresses/phones are as follows:

Main Building: EIRC, 200 College Drive, Blackwood, NJ 08012

Google Map Directions to EIRC

Campus Map Camden County College Virtual Map

Parking: There is ample parking available.  Please park in any of the white spaces.

Please be aware that First Steps (formerly part of Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center (SRCCRC) ) has remained at their location at 900 Hollydell Drive in Sewell, NJ 08080, 856-582-8282 .

Lakeside: 900 Hollydell Drive, Sewell, NJ 08080 856-582-8282
Offsite: Call for address

If referencing a workshop or project, please supply the name of the workshop or project (e.g., Gifted, PD, CAP) and date of event.

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Name Email Address (, unless noted) Department Location Ext.
Abbott, Denise dabbott Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center Lakeside 176
Baerman, Carolee Learning Resource Center–South Blackwood 163
Bily, Colleen cbily Technology Blackwood 196
Bosnjak, Sue sbosnjak Professional Development Blackwood 135
Boyd, Peg pboyd Professional Development/Gifted Blackwood 194
Caban, Lillian lcaban Child Assault Prevention Blackwood 158
Calkin, Jack jcalkin Research & Development Blackwood 175
Ciccariello, Steve sciccariello Professional Development Blackwood 131
Collins, Jeannette jcollins Child Assault Prevention Blackwood 151
Crimaldi, Patti pcrimaldi Child Assault Prevention Blackwood 152
DeFrank, Eileen edefrank Business Office Blackwood 130
DeMareo, Mark mdemareo Professional Development Blackwood 174
DiNovi, Ray rdinovi Professional Development Blackwood 168
Duffy, Kathy Learning Resource Center–South Blackwood 172
Dugan, Jay jdugan Professional Development Blackwood 139
Dvorak, Alyse advorak Business Office Blackwood 111
Featherer, Catherine cfeatherer Business/Administration Blackwood 107
Gagliano, Nancy Child Assault Prevention Offsite 609-888-7597
Galbraith, Kenneth ggalbraith Technology Blackwood 177
Gibson, Amy agibson Design Studio Blackwood 112
Gibson, Craig cgibson Technology Blackwood 150
Gomez, Nina egomez Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center Lakeside 130
Hanratty, Angelina ahanratty Child Assault Prevention Blackwood 154
Hartley, Paula phartley Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center Lakeside 161
Information info General Information Blackwood 182
Joseph, MaryAnn Learning Resource Center-South Blackwood 106
Kibelstis, Judi Learning Resource Center-South Blackwood 162
Koble, Louis lkoble Technology Blackwood 166
Kratchman, Julie Learning Resource Center-South Blackwood 148
Kurdyla, Stacy skurdyla B.E.S.T. Wrap-Around Program Offsite 856-456-0320, ext.3134
Latane, Terri tlatane Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center Lakeside 102
Levens, Bryan blevens Technology Blackwood 184
Lindenmuth, David T. dlindenmuth Executive Director Blackwood 101
Livingston, Rebecca rlivingston Grants & Marketing Blackwood 167
McDonnell, Bob bmcdonnell Technology offiste
McKillop, Teresa Learning Resource Center-South Blackwood 159
Meyers, Traci tmeyers Business Office Blackwood 113
Mojta, Cheryl cmojta Child Assault Prevention Blackwood 153
Montanez, Dalquis dmontanez Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center Lakeside 104
Murphy, Elinor Learning Resource Center-South Blackwood 124
Nolte, Sean snolte Technology Blackwood 109
Perez, Annette aperez Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center Lakeside 150
Riley, Alysha ariley Child Assault Prevention Blackwood 183
Ruperts, Earl eruperts Technology Blackwood 157
Santiago, Rebecca rsantiago Administration Blackwood 137
Sprowl, Michelle msprowl Technology Blackwood 186
Thomas, Elmoria ethomas Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center Lakeside 149
Vanaman, Terry tvanaman Professional Development Blackwood 156
Vassallo, Earl evassallo Business Office Blackwood 145
Verdone, Jason Learning Resource Center-South Blackwood 164
Warner, Lisa lwarner Design Studio Blackwood 116
Wilkinson, Ian iwilkinson Technology Blackwood 142
Will, Patricia pwill Professional Development Blackwood 173
Wittenberger, Adam pwill Technology Blackwood 129
Woodward, Alexis Learning Resource Center-South Blackwood 155