Gifted and Talented Services

Teenagers doing schoolwork.EIRC’s Gifted and Talented Services provides access to quality gifted and talented education programs for students including learning how to impact change, conduct research and other independent studies, create inventions, simulate life on Mars, participate in legislative process and take the SAT and/or the ACT.

Green Ribbon Schools


Green Ribbon Schools (ED-GRS) award recognizes the highest performing green schools and districts in the nation. The recognition award honors exemplary achievement in reducing environmental impact and costs; improving health and wellness; and providing effective environmental and sustainability education.

New Jersey Network to Close the Achievement Gaps (NJNCAG)

NJ Network to Close the Achievement GapsA regional network of school districts in New Jersey  committed to actively reducing the gaps in achievement and school engagement among disaggregated populations, African American, Latino/Latina, gender issues and special needs students.

TCPN - The Cooperative Purchasing Network

tcpn-color-logoTCPN competitively bids and awards contracts for commonly purchased products and services. Utilizing a TCPN contract means you deal directly with the vendor as you would normally, using the TCPN contract as your own.

Live From...Surgeries

Live from...Live SurgeryFrom the first incision to the last suture, your students can witness the excitement and drama of science in action. Through real-time, interactive videoconferencing with a hospital surgical suite, your students will have a front-row seat and conversation with the surgical team as it happens!

Additional EIRC Managed Programs

MVP logoMVP is a state sponsored program that works to empower teens and young adults through its employment, health, social, and recreational services. All services are provided at the school under the management of the Educational Information and Resource Center (EIRC) in partnership with the Center for Family Guidance, PC. and Willingboro High School.


icaplogoThe training center of CAP Projects worldwide.

Read about CAP programs in:

  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • England
  • Estonia
  • Japan
  • ….and more
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