The Monarch Teacher Network (MTN) is a growing network of teachers and other people who use monarch butterflies to teach a variety of concepts and skills, including our growing connection with other nations and the need to be responsible stewards of the environment.

Click here for our most recent Monarch Butterfly project flyer: MTN Project flier

Our work with Monarch butterflies has always been about more than Monarchs.  It’s about all the things that Monarchs (and we) need:   milkweed and meadows, insects and pollinators, old-growth forests… a healthy planet.  With your help, MTN has carried that message across the U.S. and Canada.

But MTN has a second project for getting people involved with nature:  Voices from the Land (Voices).  Through the Voices project people of all ages and abilities are able to explore nature through art, language, performance and technology.  Two years ago we connected with an organization in Ireland called The Native Woodland Trust.  The Trust has been preserving remnants of Ireland’s ancient forest and bringing attention to the importance of native trees.

The Magic and Mystery of Ireland

Join us on an experience that includes encounters with ancient groves, newly-planted trees… and the chance to help restore Ireland’s native woodlands.  Through poetry, art and storytelling, we investigate Ireland’s shape-shifting, metamorphosis and rebirth and our North American connection.  We wander along ancient paths traveled by scholars, poets, beggars and armies.  We visit prehistoric tombs rising starkly from rocky, windswept plains.  We enter fortified ruins and castles perched on hilltops near sacred water, where heroic deeds and adventures took wing long ago. Find out more about our trips to Ireland.

Monarch Trip – California

Since 2011, MTN has conducted one-week tours of the California monarch colonies. These trips continue to be a tremendous success.  Find out more about our California trip.

Journeys and Transformations – The Monarch Butterfly Story

New Edition: Three language choices – English, French, or Spanish!  This 28-minute DVD created by Monarch Teacher Network tells the story of the monarch butterfly: its life cycle and migration, its connection to people, cultures and critical environmental issues. DVD’s are available at $5 per DVD plus $5 shipping/handling… we can ship up to 4 DVDs for $4 shipping/handling so $24 = 5 dvds and shipping costs)

Here is what people are saying about this film:

– Appeals to all ages, and while retaining intellectual integrity, is emotionally engaging.

– An awesome video. I bought a copy for my children and grandchildren.

– A great teaching tool for all ages… challenging people to work together for
a sustainable future.

Monarch Life Cycle Poster

Monarch Teacher Network has created its own Monarch Life Cycle teaching poster that includes text in three languages (English, French, Spanish) while showcasing all stages of the Monarch’s life cycle and migration. Folded posters are available at $3 each plus $4 shipping/handling ($5 shipping/handling covers up to 6 posters).

To purchase a DVD or Poster, send check or money order (payable to Monarch Teacher Network), including shipping costs, with your request (Poster, DVD or both and the number of each item to:

Monarch Teacher Network – EIRC,   South Jersey Technology Park,  107 Gilbreth Parkway Suite 200, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062-4446,  attn: Brian H.

Include your mailing address and phone number or email in case we need to contact you. For more information, contact Brian Hayes 856.582.7000 x110 or

  Program Highlights

  •  Teaching/ Learning with Monarch Butterflies
  • Voices from the Land – An exciting project that connects students to nature through language arts (writing, speaking and listening skills), art, performance and technology
  • One-week trips to California or Mexico to visit the Monarch Butterfly Colonies
  • A growing network of teachers and other people who raise, teach, and enjoy Monarch butterflies.

Latest Partnership

MTN recently partnered with the Preschool Association of Lexington Massachusetts at their seventh annual Professional Development Conference for early childhood educators.  That conference, attended by roughly 200 educators, was organized around the theme:  Reverse the Trend:  Helping Children Reconnect with Nature.”  MTN brought together a strong team from MA, NJ, NC, and Ontario Canada to provide five of the seven workshops while Erik Mollenhauer presented the keynote address.  Click for the flyer.

For more information, contact: Brian Hayes at Phone: (856)582-7000  x 110

Write: Monarch Teacher Network – EIRC,   South Jersey Technology Park,  107 Gilbreth Parkway Suite 200, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062-4446


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