RFPs (Request for Proposal) and RFB (Request for Bids)

EIRC is accepting bids for an L.E.D. Luminaire Replacement Program  (see bid advertisement and bid document #17-04)


National Cooperative Purchasing

  • Notice of Cooperative Purchasing. Local Public and Public School Contracts Laws Identifier 248EIRCJPS
  • Notice of Intent.  (EIRC) intends to participate in the PEPPM contract #527029 for: Presentation Products Co Pilot Classroom Multi Media Systems
  • Notice of Intent.  EIRC intends to participate in the NCPA contract for Telecommunication Services, contract #01-39, to purchase Telecommunication Services.
  • Notice of Intent. EIRC intends to participate in the TCPN contract for Technology & IWB Solutions Products and Services, contract #R160201, to purchase Technology & IWB Solutions Products and Services.  The comment period ends September 15, 2016.
  • Notice of Intent to award a contract for Office Supplies contract #R141703 to purchase Office Supplies and School Supplies, contract #R141605 to purchase School Supplies.  The comment period ends September 20, 2016.
  • Notice of Intent to award Carahsoft, contract # 4400006642, submitted in response to the U.S. Communities competitive bid for Google Solutions. The comment period ends July 26, 2016.
  • Wireless Network Products, PEPPM #524104-166
  • Web Security Products, PEPPM #525244-009
  • Projection Equipment, PEPPM #526523-039
  • Telecommunication Services, NCPA # 01-39
  • Foodservice Equipment, Smallwares, Parts Design and/or Installation, TCPN # R131201 and #R131202
  • Projection Equipment, Wireless Network Products, Video surveillance, video Security Software/Servers, Security Cameras, Data Cabling & connectivity, PEPPM #52709
  • PEPPM Catalog Category Awards
  • PEPPM # 527240-025
  •  Office Depot, contract #R141703
  • CDW-G, Contract # R5106
  • Gov Connection, Contract # R5110
  • Tech Depot Contract #5113
  • Promethean, Inc. Contract # R5112
  • Troxell Communications Contract # R5114
  • M&A Technology Contract # R5111
  • Smart Files Contract # R130901
  • X10. Contract # R130902
  • Ford Audio Visual Systems, LLC Contract # R131101
  • Don Johnson, Inc. Contract # R131702
  • Enable Mart Contract # R131703
  • Light Speed Technologies, Inc. Contract # R131705
  • Safari Montage Contract # R5061A
  • Office Depot Contract # R142212
  • SKC Communications, Inc. Contract # R131103
  • Projectors, printers, scanners and accessories, TV/Audio/Video products, monitors, projectors, notebooks and optical media products, PEPPM #527029

Current Awards

EIRC Cooperative Pricing System  #239EIRCCPS

Notice of Contracts Awarded: Comegno Law Group PC, Solicitor, Bowman & Company LLP, Auditor

Notice of Intent to Award Contract. EIRC intends to participate in the NJPA contract for all Technology Catalog Category Awards: CDW Contract #100614#CDW

  • Notice of Intent to Award TCPN contract for Furniture and Installation #R142207
  • Notice of Intent to Award NCPA contract for Telecommunication Services, NCPA #01-39
  • Notice of Intent to Award TIPS contract for Classroom & Teaching Aids, #2111915
  • Advantage Security / Sonitrol – Security Materials and Labor
  • Advantage Security / Sonitrol – Technology Design Services
  • Coastal Communication – Security Materials Horizon AV Audio/Video labor
  • Broadview Networks – VoIP
  • RFP Solutions – Cabling Services
  • Reid Sound – Audio/Video products

Purchasing Forms