New Website Coming Soon!

EIRC is very excited to announce that we are giving our website a makeover. We will be premiering the new layout in February 2015, but you can find a sneak peek here:

Personalize Professional Development

Personalized professional development at your fingertips to meet the needs of your classroom

 ”Empower Teachers to Engage Students”

EIRC offers online courses, allowing you to explore concepts and gain a deeper understanding by engaging in conversation with other educators.  Resources are provided for every participant for continued enrichment. 

Enroll in an online course and receive 30 professional development hours, or two graduate credits from the University of Sioux Falls in addition to PD hours.  Group rates are available.


Book Club for Gifted & Talented Students

This program is free of charge to students enrolled in our G&T programs.
See the G&T Book Club page for more information

SchoolBusAds recently filmed a commercial to advertise their services. The commercial will be airing on cable television in New Jersey starting August 25th.


NJ Sees Growth of School Bus Advertising, SJ Times, September 8, 2014

Live Surgery Dates Posted


Upcoming Live From….Surgery Schedule!

Cardiac Classroom – February 26, 2015

Neuro Surgery – March 19, 2015

Knee Replacement – June 2, 2015

NotLeftBehind Campaign

NJ Child Assault Prevention Encourages Involvement in #NotLeftBehind Campaign
Help NJ CAP in the prevention of child heat-stroke related deaths

Mullica Hill, NJ – During the months of August and September NJ Child Assault Prevention (NJ CAP) and their host agency, EIRC will be promoting the #NotLeftBehind campaign, which seeks a simple reminder method on how not to forget your child in the car.

Last year 44 children succumbed to heat related deaths in cars. So far, 18 children have died this summer, and research is revealing that in most of these cases, the parent/caretaker was in states of stress or distraction to the point of total forgetfulness. To address this issue, NJ CAP is partaking in a no-tech, no-cost method which is being spread through social media. The #NotLeftBehind campaign advises you to leave your left shoe on the seat or floor next to the car seat after the child is strapped in. By doing so, you will remember your shoe and the child in the backseat, eliminating the possibility for future hardships.
NJ CAP encourages the community to participate in this campaign to help prevent the possibilities of future heat-stroke related deaths among children being left behind in cars. To participate use the hashtag #NotLeftBehind and show us your left shoe!


Careers in Education (CIA) Summer Camp Archive 2014


Check out the EIRC Careers in Aviation Summer Academy daily log and photo archive.

Highlights include a visit to the Landmark Aviation at the Atlantic City Airport and a visit to the naval air station museum in Wildwood.

And check out this fascinating student video of a rocket launch in slow motion.


Professional Development Catalog – Summer 2014-Spring 2015

Click to download our latest catalog

Grants for NJCAP Available


All public, private and parochial schools are welcome to apply for CAP funding. Applications must be made by the district chief school administrator. This can be done through the online electronic copy or by printing, completing and mailing a paper copy to provided address. Public schools are requested to commit to a match of 30% of their total CAP program costs for the elementary CAP program and 50% for CAP’s Bullying Prevention program. Exceptions to this requirement are made for urban aide districts and those districts who can document financial need and/or other related factors. Application will not be accepted without waiver documentation when requesting the exemption.  All applications must have board approval. Download your application here.