SchoolBusAds recently filmed a commercial to advertise their services. The commercial will be airing on cable television in New Jersey starting August 25th.


NJ Sees Growth of School Bus Advertising, SJ Times, September 8, 2014

Live Surgery Dates Posted


Upcoming Live From….Surgery Schedule!

Kidney Transplant – December 9, 2014

Hip Replacement – January 20, 2015

Cardiac Classroom – February 26, 2015

Neuro Surgery – March 19, 2015

Knee Replacement – June 2, 2015

NotLeftBehind Campaign

NJ Child Assault Prevention Encourages Involvement in #NotLeftBehind Campaign
Help NJ CAP in the prevention of child heat-stroke related deaths

Mullica Hill, NJ – During the months of August and September NJ Child Assault Prevention (NJ CAP) and their host agency, EIRC will be promoting the #NotLeftBehind campaign, which seeks a simple reminder method on how not to forget your child in the car.

Last year 44 children succumbed to heat related deaths in cars. So far, 18 children have died this summer, and research is revealing that in most of these cases, the parent/caretaker was in states of stress or distraction to the point of total forgetfulness. To address this issue, NJ CAP is partaking in a no-tech, no-cost method which is being spread through social media. The #NotLeftBehind campaign advises you to leave your left shoe on the seat or floor next to the car seat after the child is strapped in. By doing so, you will remember your shoe and the child in the backseat, eliminating the possibility for future hardships.
NJ CAP encourages the community to participate in this campaign to help prevent the possibilities of future heat-stroke related deaths among children being left behind in cars. To participate use the hashtag #NotLeftBehind and show us your left shoe!


CIA Summer Camp 2014


Check out the EIRC Careers in Aviation Summer Academy daily log and photo archive.

Highlights include a visit to the Landmark Aviation at the Atlantic City Airport and a visit to the naval air station museum in Wildwood.

And check out this fascinating student video of a rocket launch in slow motion.


Professional Development Catalog – Summer 2014

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Grants for NJCAP Available


All public, private and parochial schools are welcome to apply for CAP funding. Applications must be made by the district chief school administrator. This can be done through the online electronic copy or by printing, completing and mailing a paper copy to provided address. Public schools are requested to commit to a match of 30% of their total CAP program costs for the elementary CAP program and 50% for CAP’s Bullying Prevention program. Exceptions to this requirement are made for urban aide districts and those districts who can document financial need and/or other related factors. Application will not be accepted without waiver documentation when requesting the exemption.  All applications must have board approval. Download your application here.


School Bus Ads: Don’t Text and Drive

Central Regional School District is the most recent district in New Jersey to place advertisements on their bus fleet as a means to generate revenue. Berkeley Auto Body, a family tradition since 1945, decided to send a message to others on the road – ‘Don’t Text and Drive.’ The auto body shop, which is located in Bayville, has placed advertisements on two buses transporting children to and from school.


Central Regional School District has partnered with, a service of the Educational Information and Resource Center. This service provides schools districts across the state of New Jersey the opportunity to raise additional funds with a resource the district already owns. Jackson Township in Ocean County and Washington Township in Gloucester County are two of the many other school districts that have signed on with to increase revenues for their district.


The Cooperative Purchasing Network

TCPN is a national purchasing cooperative, leveraging one of the largest pools of purchasing potential.  Contracts offer school districts the purchasing power many are unable to command for themselves – small entities recieve the same pricing as the largest buyers.  For more info see: TCPN

2014 NJ Green Ribbon Schools Announced

The Educational Information and Resource Center (EIRC) is proud to announce that Kellman Brown Academy in Voorhees Township and Three Bridges Elementary School in Readington as this year’s recipients for the NJ Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) program.

On Monday, Jan. 27, the NJ Green Ribbon Nomination Committee identified these two schools to be nominated for both state and national recognition. Twenty New Jersey schools sent letters of intent that they would be submitting applications for the 2014 GRS recognition, but only nine actually submitted completed applications. Each state is permitted to nominate up to four schools, which must include a private and at risk district.

A key element of the recognition program in New Jersey focuses on comprehensive and demonstrative achievement in the three US ED-GRS Pillars. A comprehensive approach incorporates environmental learning with improving environmental and health impacts.
Emphasis and attention is placed upon successful practices that lower operating costs and improve student academic success. In addition, the existence of a Green Team, Green Strategic Plan, and benchmark measurements that have assisted the school in demonstrating their achievements, is factored into the final scoring.

“The importance for schools to begin to see sustainability as a means of financial and academic success cannot be emphasized enough in these times of severely restricted budgets and global climate change impact,” said EIRC is the sponsoring and managing organization of the 2014 Green Ribbon Schools program. This program is the first comprehensive federal policy for schools related to environment, health, and education. This year’s NJ state nominees will be formally recognized and presented with a plaque by Assistant Commissioner, David Corso, at the 32nd Annual NJASA/NJAPSA Spring Conference.

Intel Teach Affiliate

The Educational Information Resource Center (EIRC) will serve as New Jersey’s Intel Teach Affiliate. This partnership means New Jersey has recently joined a community of 30 states committed to Intel Teach. Intel Teach provides teacher professional development for 21st Century Learning. With support from a $30,000.00 grant from Intel, EIRC will now offer online Intel Teach Element courses. Intel Teach enables K–12 teachers across all subjects to engage students by blending traditional learning with digital learning, including digital content, social networking elements and online tools and resources. This program enables teachers to incorporate technology for instruction targeting Common Core standards and for developing students’ problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, which are required for college and career-readiness in an information age.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by Intel as the Intel Teach Affiliate for the State of New Jersey,” said Dr. Charles Ivory, Executive Director of EIRC. “This new relationship will result in the training and support of teachers and school leaders throughout the state”.

For more information on EIRC / Intel Teacher Professional Development contact Terry Vanaman-Cole at