Additional Links

Monarch Teacher Network – Western Canada (Manitoba Area) Our partners in Canada since 2007

Monarch related sites:

Survey Maps of Monarch Colonies -  Aerial maps and information from US Geological Survey about the monarch colonies – Excellent

Journey North - Great website for information on the Monarch butterflies and their migration

Monarch Watch Great website for information on the Monarch butterfly

Miss Hope’s Site  Filled with tons of early childhood activities and lessons around the monarch

Related Links:

Voices from the Land Check out the growing wiki page of teachers who have participated in the Voices from the Land project a new project from MTN. This project brings children back to nature by having them create eco-art and then using language skills and technology. The final product is a wonderful professionally printed book.

NJ Sustainable Schools Consortium   This is a great program for NJ schools that is also sponsored by EIRC.  It saves the school money and helps save the planet.

The Story of Stuff A great introduction into our Western consumerism and how it is affecting the world and hurting us as well

Climate Change Fast facts on Climate Change

UNEP United Nations site on the environment and climate change

Climate Change for Kids EPA site with some more child friendly explanations about global warming and climate change

Reduce your carbon footprint Here are some simple things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint

Mexico: Culture, History, and Art

Purepecha Culture The native culture of the peoples of Michoacán

Tzintzuntzan Center of the Purepecha culture

Janitzio Photos from the Island of Janitzio

Mexico World News Latest news happening now in Mexico

Diego Rivera Website about Diego Rivera, considered the greatest Mexican painter of the 20th century. A devout Marxist, Rivera believed art should have a political mission to improve the lives of people.

More Diego Rivera More Diego Rivera including scenes from his controversial 1930’s “Man at the Crossroads” mural at Rockefeller Center, NY

Pre-Columbian Mexico Useful resource for the art, culture and history of Pre-Colombian Mexico. Excellent map of Tenochtitlan (the Aztec -Mexico City)

Teotihuacan Extensive information about the ancient city of Teotihuacan (located 30 miles from Mexico City) including the Pyramids of the Sun (the 3rd largest pyramid in the world) and the Moon. In 400 AD, Teo, “the city of the gods” (according to the Aztecs who discovered it centuries alter), was the 6th largest city in the world.

Templo Mayor Website about Templo Mayor (Main Temple), one of Mexico’s most important archaeological sites, located in the center of Mexico City and believed to be the heart of the ancient city of the Aztecs Tenochtitlan

Aztec Calendar Information about the Aztec calendar, including an option for entering your birth date and finding the corresponding date (and personal totem) on the Aztec calendar

Aztec Sun Stone Information about the Aztec Sun Stone

Aztec Sundial Based on the idea that the Aztec Sun Stone (calendar stone) was probably used to tell time, this website includes an activity where students construct a sundial

Mayan Astronomy Get an insight into Mayan astronomy

Alternare Information about Alternare, a nonprofit that is teaching sustainable living practices to people in the monarch areas

Learn about Mexico The History Channel has created a special interactive site on the history of Mexico with colorful images, an illustrated timeline, and online games.