Pen Pal

Monarch Teacher’s Network Pen Pal Information

Contact: Moira Bauer,

To participate:

Send an e-mail to Moira Bauer at the above e-mail address on or before October 1 with the following information:

Name of School:


Location: Community, Province/State, School address

Grade: (do you wish to be a buddy class, have an older class write to a younger class or do you want same grade correspondents?)

Number of Students in class:

How do you wish to communicate with your pen pals? Mail or E-mail?

Once you are paired with another classroom it is up to you to make contact with your partner teacher.

We recommend that you have your students connect with their pen pals at least 4 times throughout the year.

Language you would like to communicate in: English, French, Spanish or other

Suggestions for topics:  things you have done with Monarchs, your culture, special holidays, climate, winter temperatures, first snowfall, when the snow finally melts, sharing school activities, do you have a butterfly garden…

Children like to make things to send to their pen pals along with pictures of your neighborhood or butterfly garden.