Quilt Project

Monarch Teacher Network Quilt Project

“All peoples of the world are stitched together into one glorious quilt.”

-Malagasy proverb

Over the past several years many Monarch Teacher Network teachers in the U.S. and Canada have participated in the Quilt Project.

Here is procedure for participating in this project:

Register your intention to participate by contacting Luella Vengenock at vengelue@yahoo.com Please send your Name, School, Grade level/subject, E-mail address, Mailing address, and a Phone number where you can be reached. Registration Deadline is November 1.

Your school will be matched with other schools by December but you may begin working on the project right away. Groups will be assigned by December 1.

Basic guidelines for each square:

  • Use White cotton material
  • Each square should be 10” x 10” (25.4 cm. x 25.4 cm)
    Leave ½” (1.3 cm) blank around the outside for sewing seams)
  • Central theme for all squares should be Monarch butterflies, its life
    cycle, or migration
  • Use fabric markers, paint or material
  • Label each square with the child’s first name, school, town or province, country and grade. (Ex. Chloe- Alloway School, Alloway, NJ, USA- Grade 2)

You will send one completed square to each school on your group list.

All squares for each school year should be sent by March of that school year. This will give everyone time to put their quilt together before the end of the school year.

You may want to enlist parents or community members to help you assemble the quilt. Communities often have people who are very skilled and active in quilting who are eager to help and to share their knowledge about quilting with students.

This quilt can also be put together as easily as ironing two-sided interfacing on the squares and attaching them to another large piece of material making it resemble a quilt. This makes a great wall hanging without all of the added work if this is better for you.

Registration by Nov. 1, 2015
Quilting groups are assigned by Dec. 1, 2015
Completed squares are mailed to group members by March 1, 2016

– Reminders will be sent as these dates approach.

If you have any questions contact Luella Vengenock at vengelue@yahoo.com 

Happy Quilting!