Voices From The Land

Exploring language and landscapes, art and culture

We are excited to announce our participation in a grant from the European Union where we will be training teachers from Turkey, Spain, Italy, Poland, Latvia, and Romania in each of their respective countries.  We are taking the Voices project international in a big way.


  November 2012 – Turkey

  March 2013 – Spain

  May 2013 – Italy

  October 2013 – Poland

  April 2014:  Latvia

  May 2014:  Romania


Currently people can register for Voices training at these locations: 

Complete:  March 28-29, 2014:  Raritan Valley Community College  (Central New Jersey)

June 17-18, 2014:  Ashford University; Clinton Iowa (Quad Cities Area)

July 10-11, 2014:  Charlotte Country Day School; Charlotte, North Carolina

July 10-11, 2014:   Girl Scout Service Center, Asheville, North Carolina

July 14-15, 2014:   Cherokee Middle School; Cherokee, North Carolina

We are actively planning two-day Voices from the Land workshops in several new sites, states and provinces for 2013 and beyond you can contact Brian Hayes at bhayes@eirc.org if you would like to talk about the possibility of bringing a Voices workshop to your area or find the closest workshop to your area.

We have conducted Voices from the Land workshops at the following locations:

William Paterson University with about 90 inner city preschool teachers from Northern New Jersey area / Edwin B. Forsythe NWR; Oceanville, New Jersey / EIRC facility; Mullica Hill, New Jersey / West Texas A&M; Canyon, Texas / Geraldine R Dodge Foundation; Morristown, New Jersey / Sudbury; Ontario, Canada / Thunderbay; Ontario, Canada / Fairfax County; Virginia / Boston Nature Center; Massachusetts / GC Huston School (Bluewater District); Southamton, Ontario, Canada / Botantical Garden, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada / Holy Trinity Elementary; Turbay, Newfoundland Canada / The Walden Woods Project, Lincoln, Massachusetts / Lexington, Massachusetts / Mansfield, Ohio / Seattle, Washington / Niabi Zoo, Illinois / Scarsdale, New York / The Earth Center (Middlesex extension of Rutgers University), South Brunswick, New Jersey /

Voices from the Land uses a natural landscape as inspiration for students to explore the power of written and oral language, digital photography, performing arts, online publishing… and the power of working collaboratively with other people. Through the Voices process, students design and publish books and/or posters showcasing their art and poetry and sharing it with their school, community, and beyond.

What is Voices from the Land?

Research shows there is an ancient and intimate connection between language and landscape, a connection that is found in cultures around the world. Exploring the natural world becomes a way to explore the origin of language and celebrate its use in modern life. As students work with leaves, sticks, ice, snow, mud, stone, sand, pine cones….they use color, form, shape, light, shadow, and pattern to create art and rediscover the simple miracles of everyday life. The Voices project invites participants to explore language and cultural diversity, biodiversity and the fragile relationship between people, nature, and the passage of time.

For more information visit the “About Voices From The Land” web page or contact: Erik Mollenhauer at mailto:erikm@eirc.org or Brian Hayes at bhayes@eirc.orgPhone: 856/582-7000 ext. 128 Erik or ext. 110 Brian

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